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Wedding Men’s Shoes

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Wedding Men’s shoes are very different from home slippers, and according to this cannot be bought by mother, sister or neighbor. Wedding shoes a groom must choose only by himself, guided by numerous rules that have been derived once by people knowledgeable about shoes. Not knowing them, a young man is at risk, at least.

Wedding Mens Shoes

Footwear - this is the first thing that draws the attention of almost all women. But since we are not residents of the eastern countries, where the option that a bride and groom get to know each other only on the wedding day, we assume that the first impression of the future spouse has already been applied. And when it came to the wedding, then the impression is a very good.

So, about the shoes …
Wedding Shoes groom chooses not less carefully than the wedding dress. The wedding day is exceptional, and the young man next to the bride should look perfect. Good wedding shoes are ideal for wedding suit is the result of strenuous trekking to the shops and numerous fittings. And for shoes, there is a capricious, whimsical and ever-changing fashion.

Wedding Mens Shoes

Rule number 1:

The narrower trousers wedding suite - the narrower should be the toes of shoes.

Rule number 2:

The length of wedding shoes should not exceed 4 / 3 the width of trousers.

Rule number 3:

If the groom’s size feet is large, he should avoid sharp noses of shoes to wedding shoes are not reminded skiing.

Rule number 4:

A heel of  wedding shoes should be convenient, because he is supposed not only to stand at the church and to pose for the photo-camera, but also to dance a lot.

Rule number 5:

Buying wedding shoes should be planned for the end of the day.

Rule number 6:

A color of wedding shoes should be the same as the costume. But this does not mean that, traditionally, it  is limited to black. If the groom is awesome in gray or dark brown color shoes - shoes, and dress to find in these colors today is not a problem.

Wedding Mens Shoes

In order for the groom on their wedding day to  look perfect, we should mention one more detail - the color or colors of socks. This young man should be removed from all possible white socks, even if they seem to him a very solemn. However, if the groom wants to be confused with “garzón” from the restaurant (it is the waiters who wear white socks to show their neatness), he may not listen to this advice.

Celebriries Go Mad About Shoes!

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Often we try to persuade ourselves that celebrities are ordinary people with ordinary tastes. However, I can hardly believe in this. The majority of them, for example, go mad about shoes.
The well-known singer Celine Dion once said that she has 3 thousand different pairs of shoes. The singer confessed that shopping for her is a real problem. She can hardly stop.
Even some men have a similar disease. Elton John is the owner of more than a thousand pairs of shoes.

Celebriries Go Mad About Shoes!72653990SB005_Heather_Mills

Paris Hilton travels around the world, boosting Paris Hilton Footwear Collection. However the star doesn’t carry these shoes – she has about 400 pairs of footwear, moreover each pair is custom-made (on the one hand, it is connected with her capriciousness, but on the other hand, the star has the big size of the foot).

The actress Jessica Alba collects footwear as well. Footwear occupies two rooms in her house. What is surprising is that in everyday life Alba carries nothing but slippers. She needs heels only for official events which take place approximately once a week. Once Jessica paid over 40 thousand dollars for a pair of shoes from Celine collection.

Celebriries Go Mad About Shoes!Celebriries Go Mad About Shoes!

Avril Lavin’s favorite footwear is sneakers. However, she has no favorite shoe brand, therefore the singer buys up everything she likes! “I have Converse sneakers, Dickies and Osiris as well. I don’t know for sure how many…but over a hundred.”

David Beckham is very picky about his footwear, it is important for him from a professional point of view. That’s why his football boots are custom-made. The trouble is he puts on such football boots only once.

Beckham’s wife Victoria buys a pair of shoes from each Christian Louboutin collection. Can you imagine that? Victoria is so mad about heels that in case there’s no her size, she buys a bigger one and carries it putting some paper in it so that not to slip out.

Celebriries Go Mad About Shoes!Celebriries Go Mad About Shoes!

In short, stars’ madness about footwear is obvious. Many of them even launch own shoe lines. And when their closets are replete with numerous boxes with footwear, stars sell them at auctions considerably raising their own popularity.

Timberland - Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Timberland footwear brand does not belong to Fashion Houses with century-long histories, and is not represented at the High Fashion weeks in Milan or Paris. Nevertheless, the most famous creation by the brand’s designers – the yellow boots – are exhibited at the London Museum of International Contemporary Design and is sold at the famous London store - the Selfridges. In fact, “yellow boots” are so closely associated with the brand, that if asked, any American would easily make the connection: Yellow Boots - Timberland.

The legend has it, that the color of the shoe – the bright yellow - was not chosen at random. The shoe was intentionally made to stand out in the forest environment, so that the woodsmen, who were by the way the target audience for the shoe, would not drop timber on each other when working. This version is supported by the name of the brand itself – Timberland, and the company’s logo - American oak.

The models of the last couple of seasons are notable in that they all tend to carry that new trend in Timberland shoes, where conventional American style is being replaced with the new shapes and lineament of footwear for men.

The new Fall Winter Collection continues to surprise us with new ideas, implemented into the models, where classical features are beautifully combined with innovative solutions and high-quality materials.

The shoes in this collection are primarily inspired by the shoes of the English workers in the 30-s. The shoes were made of rough materials and were produced according to a special technology. Looks like the polished worn out leather, along with big buckles and zippers are the distinguishing elements of this season’s Timberland shoes. The collection is divided into three styles - Colrain (military style), Counterpane (ultrastylish shoes) and Tackhead (reflection of the new inventive Timberland style).

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